Tuesday, November 26, 2019


About Conference

Conference Series LLC Ltd welcomes all the experts in the fields of Neurology and Psychology to the 3rd International Congress on Neurology and Psychology on 22-23 October 2020 in Tokyo, Japan which will consist of Keynote speeches, Symposia, Exhibition, Speaker sessions, and Poster presentations. 

Clinical Psychologists conference is based on the theme “Understanding the brain functions at a fundamental level.”

Why attend?

With so many people all around the globe trying to understand the brain functions and its psychology at a fundamental level and applying it to the Healthcare aspect, this is one of the great opportunities to gather and share the knowledge collectively through individuals from different universities, associations, medical centers, etc. The Neuroscience 2020 at Tokyo, Japan will communicate, coordinate, disperse information with recurring patterns and potential investigators and get name affirmation at this 2-day event. Broadly acclaimed keynote & plenary speakers, the most recent frameworks, methodologies, and the most current updates in the Neurology and Psychology fields are indications of this conference.

Neuroscience 2020 provides excellent opportunities to share views, knowledge, collaboration and networking.

Neuroscience 2020 aims to bring together Neurologists, Psychologists, Professors, Researchers, as well as students and all the people who are trying to understand the brain functions and psychology from around the world, providing them with a platform to discuss the various new and innovative. This year's conference will provide a foundation for networking with eminent personalities.

Target audience

  • Directors of Neurology & Psychology Associations

  • Psychiatry Scientists/Research Professors

  • Neurologists & Psychologists

  • Junior/Senior research fellows of Psychology Field / Nursing Science/ Health Care.

  • Psychology Students

  • Directors of Pharmaceutical companies

  • Clinical Pharmacists

Conference Highlights

Friday, September 20, 2019


As a person who is suffering from migraine from a few years, I think no one knows how these headaches affect a person’s life better than me.

It was in my late childhood when first these episodes have started, I used to be dull and inactive when all the other kids used to take active participation in things, It was after a few months of these regular complaints of headaches and nausea my mother took me to a neurologist, where he confirmed that mu headaches are of migraine, he suggested me using of glasses saying that constant use of them will be helpful for my migraines.

I used them for a year or so but there was no use, instead, they became worse, and I grew averted of the glasses and all this while my classmates in school used to make fun of my me and I got rid of them.

Things didn’t get any better for me, I have regularly seen doctor, took medication. Due to this, I couldn’t concentrate on my academic life and other things. I was a dull child They say several factors are responsible for migraines be it environmental, genetically and so on. Mine was of Genetical reasons; I inherited them from my mother and my grandmother, it did affect my mother for few years and didn’t bother my grandmother as their lifestyle and food habits are entirely different from of now.

Generally, these headaches used to occur when there is slight change my schedule like when I eat when I sleep my routine shouldn’t change at any cost or else these headaches trigger and when I got in sun. For me food like cabbage and lettuce act as triggers for the headaches as well. There is always a time-lapse for these headaches, generally, they will start as mild, the pain will only be on one side of the head, and the pain will continue to increase to a point where I can count my heartbeats by simply placing a finger on the side temples of the head. Occasionally, there will be nausea and sometimes vomiting followed by it. These headaches usually last from a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 24 hours. 

Coffee and huge amounts of chocolate and a pain killer are my only saviors during this time. Over the years I have changed a few doctors and figured what is best for me and made changes in my lifestyle and food habits and learned to eat healthily even though it was so difficult to do in the initial days. Now, I am encountering very few episodes of these migraines than I used to have before. Life is bearable now.

Headaches are the worst thing to live with. If someone complains of having a headache or migraine be kind to them, try to create a positive and peaceful environment around them. After all, that is the only thing we can do.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

INTROVERTS - Brain Function, Characters and traits.

In the age of social media, networking and a world of endless communication, introverts are typically viewed as rather inefficient. They’re thought of as those who wouldn't merrily specific their opinion throughout the employee's conferences or actively participate in group activity sessions. They're typically thought of not be smart at multitasking or be notably attractive. They’re seldom at the middle of attention at a celebration, and that they typically ignore their smartphones for hours during a row. These days, after we believe that massive tasks need the active participation of huge teams of individuals operating along, being introvert may come back as a drawback.

But don’t discard introverts altogether: a number of the foremost winning individuals within the world are introverts. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and even social media artificer Mark Zuckerberg is all acknowledged introverts. Thus those who lack a number of the fundamental skills required for a winning career manage to realize thus much? What makes the brain of an introvert totally different or special than extroverts?

Being an individualist has its advantages and disadvantages for it involves health and success it is documented that temperament traits aren't simply the results of social learning, they need additional to try and do with the biological science and brain structure. Individuals are born or inherit specific temperament traits quite like they inherit any explicit physical parameters and characteristics. These temperament traits bring their blessings and drawbacks. Studies have additionally incontestible the anatomical distinction between the introvert and extrovert brain. Imaging studies have shown the variations in each the gray matter and also the nervous tissue volumes within the varied components of the brain, so confirming that temperament traits are hard-wired into the brain.

Introverts don't like prolonged social interactions, and that they feel uncomfortable in giant social gatherings. Introverts don’t mind remaining isolated for extended periods. They like to think and dream alone. However, this voluntary social isolation comes at a worth. Lower social interaction will increase the danger of sure disorders; it should negatively have an effect on psychological feature functioning, increase the danger of metabolic disorders, and negatively impact the bodily functions.
Extreme social isolation and its negative consequences are well studied. Individuals living in orphanages or confined for prolonged periods could undergo periods of mental instability, and a few could even expertise hallucinations. However, being introverts is totally different, and voluntary social isolation might not essentially indicate idle brain or lack of resilience towards these health problems. The newest analysis studies show that these periods of being alone could have positive impacts on emotional and work life.

One of the advantages of being additional targeted on own thoughts is that the improved creativeness. Introverts are additional hospitable totally different ideas; they will have the next level of confidence and independence. Introverts are less involved concerning what others might imagine. Studies have shown that outstanding feature of each scientist and artists is that the dislike for an excessive amount of social interaction: avoiding it leaves them with longer to concentrate on their ideas.
Introverts have more time for their crafts than people who spend most of the time socializing. They need time to form a sense of their thoughts and experiences. All this implies that they need higher probabilities of achieving a eureka moment.
However, it ought to be understood that not all types of social withdrawal are the same. Some sort of non-socializing is an indicator of psychological and physical health problems. Social withdrawal is also due to timidness and anxiety, or it should be a result of dislike towards socializing It wouldn't essentially higher the creativeness. On the opposite hand, people who socialize less simply by alternative (rather than anxiety or dislike) are tending to be healthy and artistic. These findings are vital, as earlier it was absolutely believed that disposition is often harmful. Currently, the researchers prove that disposition could be even useful.
The researchers additionally noticed that cultural variations could play a crucial role too. For example, unsocial youngsters in China had additional educational issues compared to their Western counterparts. However, this distinction is changing into less visible thanks to globalization.
There is a general belief that specific profession demands additional socialization and extroverts are higher within the lead roles. However, this is often not continuously correct, and analysis shows that heaps depend on the collective nature of the workers. Introvert bosses are additional winning if the workers are additional sociable. On the opposite hand, extrovert bosses are higher during a leadership role if the workers are less proactive.

If we glance back to human history, we tend to perceive that voluntary isolation was usually practiced by individual members of society. Hermits would practice solitude to attain nirvana. Daydream within the absence of social interactions activates the supposed default mode of the brain. Thus, isolation helps in consolidating the recollections and emotions, to a minimum extent. Isolation helps someone in re-organizing their thoughts. Apparently, once individuals start off of voluntary isolation, they're doubtless to socialize higher and be more active.

Researchers additionally warn that the boundary between the harmful isolation and helpful solitude is sort of hazy. Extreme loneliness may be somewhat harmful or indicative of poor health. Active solitude to remain productive and artistic doesn't mean being fully solitary. On the opposite hand, there's a true danger for the physical and mental state of these.

If someone doesn't wish to socialize an excessive amount of, there's nothing wrong with him or her. it's vital that the solitude may be a person’s alternative and not forced upon him/her: even the classical introverts would require a few friends.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Suicide Awareness is Important

Today, the 10th of September is recognized as the World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide rates have been increasing at an alarming rate over the last couple of decades in almost every other country regardless of their development in Mental Health care. No professional help has yet reached every corner that it's supposed to reach and that is exactly why we as humans must look around us and see how our friends and acquaintances are doing in their lives and whether they need some help or just an ear which would hear them out; with zero judgment. 
Discussing someone who had terrible episodes of wanting to quit and give up but later realized that they could hope for new dimensions in life plays a key role in helping people with similar struggles confide in people that they trust in.  That is exactly what you're all going to read about today, about a friend of mine whose name is Julia. I asked her whether she wants to keep herself anonymous but she refused by emphasizing on how talking about this with no shame is important. The names of the other people involved in her experiences have been changed to respect their privacy.
Julia was about 18 when she entered College. Until then, she always had someone around her taking care of her so the environment where she had to manage everything by herself with a diverse group of people didn't go down well with her ever since the beginning. Watching films of every genre and picking things up from them because cinema did that to her, Julia started to think that she'd always been a messed up person whom nobody loved and whom her parents never understood. She started getting inclined towards a guy called Nathan by observing the striking similarities of how he used to care for her the same way that Victoria, her friend used to care for her. She dated Nathan for a while and things started to fall apart when Nathan hit the sensitive spots of her brain by pointing out her appearance and asking her to change the way that she looked. She felt helpless and triggered because that's how she's always looked and her complexion/weight was one of the reasons for which she used to be bullied in school as well. She had no love to give to herself ever since the beginning and when someone who she so dearly loved abandoned her saying that she wasn't attractive enough, she lost every little ray of hope that she had. She hated herself and walked the path of self-destruction. That was the first time that Julia had attempted suicide. But then, there were a couple of materialistic mistakes from her end which kept people at bay and they ended up not attending to her mental health issues.
A couple of months after all the chaos, Julia met a person called Neil who played the silver-lining in her life for a long time. She felt nice, comfortable, loved and at home. She was used to toxic love and was getting attracted to broken people out of the urge to heal them and feel better about herself. It was as though she believed that if there wasn't anything unusual happening in her life for a while, she would walk herself to the trouble and invite it. She ended up cheating on Neil with Varshith, it worsened things for her and Neil, Neil had to face a lot of trauma due to Julia and the relationship went down the drain. That was when she hated herself and her emotional oppression and exhaustion made her gulp down 44 pills. This was her second attempt. Soon, she realized that she was trying to kill herself every time that she was denied something that she hoped for. She figured that she had become too self-centered which made her immune to the trouble that she inflicted on people around her. 
She took time out for herself and started figuring things out, getting serious about her future and looking for ways to live the life that she hopes to live, she got inked with a semi-colon and decided that she is not going to give up trying to be a better person for herself and for others in her life, both. She realized that she was going psychotic by wanting to know whether her death would reflect her pain onto people around her or not. All this self-evaluation and revelation happened through months altogether consisting of severe anxiety and depression. She got a hold on her impulses.
Julia grew more patient with her life and filled herself with a positive spectrum of emotions each time that she felt helpless. She achieved this with the help of the people around her who assured her that they love her and that she is not her past. She says that she met a person called Victor who made her realize that she needn't be so impulsive and reactive to everything that comes and hits her in life. He taught her that the will to hold on and become better is far greater than the will to die. After Neil's exit from her life, Julia had self-harmed a lot many times and one of those was when she used to burn herself with cigarettes. She used to sit with a knife in her hands for days altogether but then there is never an end if you don't want it to be one. Victor and Julia bonded over a story of Victor's friend who had committed suicide. That was why Julia believed in Victor to help her out of her situation and he never disappointed her. He never gave her love. He gave her positivity through which she started to learn how to love herself. For every question that Julia had about herself, Victor had a known experience or a story that made Julia have a better perspective about her life and the setbacks that she faced. She started becoming more self-aware than ever. She stopped being the victim.
She confesses that maybe the reason that so many people are as broken as she is that they do not have enough love or faith residing in themselves, everyone needs to understand how important it is to never leave the battleground mid-way. For Julia, her ray of hope came in the form of Cinema and Victor. She stopped wasting her time on unnecessary thoughts and controlled her energy from being drained. She started directing her love for Cinema in the right way and now writes for her own movie review page. She also started working at a firm to establish a serious routine that she lacked until now. She healed while she accepted herself and saw Victor accepting her for the way she is. People can sometimes think of you on such a high note that you actually put in efforts to better yourself and match up to their image of you, in a good way, a bright and a fueling way. Victor had helped Julia in doing that with herself and she's never felt this better before. 
She's healing. She's not learned all about life and hope but she believes that it's okay and that there's more light as the days pass by. She will grow, live and learn. So will you, me and every one of us. Julia lived through 2 suicide attempts and myriad self-harm episodes but found people and reasons to hold onto. She started finding her own self which she first held onto and later spread her love and warmth around. Channelize your interests, work on yourself, be kind and loving with yourself and everyone around you. If you ever encounter any trouble- emotional/physical, try and talk to people around you. We all need to be a bit more human, aware and empathetic with each other. 
"Don't give up now, chances are, your greatest day, your hardest laugh and your best kiss are yet to come."- this a quote by Atticus Poetry which I love and read often on days when life doesn't seem all bright and shiny.
She had her best friends Alex and Kevin helping her stay alive for over a span of 5 years. She confesses that she can never thank them enough for sticking by her side through every hurdle. 
As long as we're alive, there's always hope. 

Friday, August 23, 2019


About Conference

On behalf of Organizing Committee, we are delighted to invite the experts in the field of Neurology and Psychology from around the globe to “2nd International Conference on Neurology and psychology” scheduled during November 18-19, 2019 at Rome, Italy.

The conference aims at gathering all research scholars, scientists, students, working professionals in the field of Neurology and Psychology to explore the theme of Neurology and Psychology in the 21st Century. Neuroscience 2019 will be having a wide range of scientific sessions composing of Keynote Lectures, plenary sessions, Poster presentation, Workshops, and product exhibitions

It is a platform that provides an ideal combination of excellent science, an open atmosphere and allowing attendees and speakers to easily focus on academic exchange of ideas and authoritative views which covers the entire spectrum of research in neurology and psychology.

Scope and Importance

For over the centuries neurology has remained as one of the most complex branches of science. Ever since Edward Flatau published his Atlas of the Human Brain and the Course of the Nerve-Fibres in 1894, many neurologists have worked their way in better understanding of how the brain and the nervous system works.

Conventionally, the role of neurologists had been patient consultation and referring to physicians. However, this scenario has been changed due to the 3 major developments in science

Advanced diagnostic methods which helped to better understanding the pathology of many Neuro-disorders.
Development of methods and therapies to treat the condition as pathology is known.
Recognition of neurology as a separate specialisation.
Still, there are certain neurological and psychological diseases that need to make progress. With so many developments and discoveries making every day, there is a great need to sharing of the knowledge.


  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the supporting journals of the conference and Conference Book Proceedings.
  • Each abstract will receive a DOI number provided by CrossRef
  • Opportunity to conduct Workshop with your team members
  • One to one interaction with Keynote Speakers, OCM and Eminent personalities for the future course of work
  • Opportunity to chair a session
  • Certification by the organizing committee
  • Individual keynote Page will be created to get more visibility for your scientific research
  • Huge Benefits on Group Registration and much more.

Conference Highlights